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Full Version: Vuze Web Remote through VPN
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I am running Vuze through 'Private Internet Access' and have been torrenting successfully for sometime now. I recently wanted to automate my torrent downloads as my current program TVShows 2 seems to be ineffective; it doesn't seem to be maintained anymore. I have found a program called DuckieTV which appears to have the features I need, however seem unable to connect to it as the Vuze Web Remote will not run. I receive the error "Vuze isn't accessible outside your local network".

I have tried, with no success to active port forwarding on the VPN, and have the port number the VPN is using but Vuze will not lay nice.

Can anyone assist?

I am not that experienced with port forwarding, and would love to have this problem solved so I can spend less time on my Mac downloading torrents manually!