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Full Version: How can I save part downloaded files from PC Major crash?? Help appreciated
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Hello Everyone

I really hope someone out there can help me?? it would mean a lot to me?

I have had a almighty PC Crash(think it was a virus that started a chain reaction)!!

Their is only one thing I am interested in and that is my part downloaded files nothing else really matters to me.!

As it stands VUZE is still on my Hard drive (ACER Laptop) but I can not activate it nor any other Programmes/applications e.t.c. it is though the system as deleted most of the important files e.t.c. IE REGISTRY/

I am an old guy not at all good with techie stuff so need very simple A.B.C: help

This is how it stands at present I have all the part loaded files (from vuze)
on my external hard drive was able to access them and move them.
I do not as it stands have any VUZE Directory info can not find now or its gone?

I really fo not wish to search for all these files again,long job.

Is their a simple method with all the part finished torrents saved to Ext Drive that when the laptop is back to Normal I could continue downloading via LEAP which I had or full VUZE

I really hope their is a way

all the best Steve