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Full Version: Where did the "Subscribe" buttons go?
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I've been using Vuze for a while now. I've switched to a new mac a couple of days ago and had to install Vuze again. As usual, I've downloaded my search templates, started searching and was ready to subscribe to some content. But... None of the downloads I've made have the bright orange subscribe buttons. What's going on?

Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks!!

Right click on the top bar that has listings for "Seeding Rank", "order", "Share Ratio" etc.

a window will pop up with a bunch of optional headings . . . make sure "subscribe" is checked.

then look for the subscribe column.  It might be all the way at the end of headings so you might have to scroll to the right to find it.

If you want it in a different location left click and drag it to the new location.