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Full Version: Vuse won't read/write to new hard drive
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I am using ver. on a Win 7Pro platform. Recently I had a hard drive failure on my secondary drive to which I normally download torrent files and replaced it (500Gig) with a new 1T drive. Vuse will start a download then error out with disk read/write failures. It does seem to create folders. The drive is set as "Dynamic Simple Volume" and is "Healthy" in the Disk Management section of Computer Management of Admin Tools. When I change in Vuse, Tools, Options, Files to use my primary disk all is well.

Any ideas?


Are both disks using the same file system?

Like is one NTFS or something and the other is FAT32???

I am so divorced from Windows now-a-days I can no longer remember all of the issues surrounding the different disk formats but there are limitations and if they are different it could explain the problem!
No, GaryE They both are NTFS. The new drive was brought online and given a "quick" format.
Well it was a descent guess LOL  It was totally wrong but it was not completely off the wall.

The only other thing I can think of is some weird permissions problem -- but I think that would generate a more specific error so I doubt that is right.

Take a look at the permissions and see if anything looks weird different especially in the folder(s) where Vuze is writing data.  If that is not it . .  . well I do not know. 

If it turns out not to be a permissions problem . . . could you copy and paste the exact text of the error (or post a screen shot with the error).  I doubt it will help me to diagnose the problem but it might help someone else!