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Full Version: Disk Error Problem
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Greetings All!

I've been a daily user of Vuze for many years and have recently encountered a problem that I've never seen before: whenever I start downloading a torrent file, the download works normally for a few minutes, then without warning the little green smiley face icon on the left turns red and the download stops with the following error message: "Error: Disk write error-flush fails, open fails, file not found:" This has started happening only recently and I've tried restarting Vuze, running anti-virus scans, rebooting my PC (running Windows 7 with all current updates), etc., but nothing seems to correct this problem. Any suggestions on how to fix this problem?
This is the same issue I have been having!  What is the solution?
Does the file actually exist? Could be anti-virus getting deleting the file.
Yeah billyboy that is certainly a possibility (one that I would not have considered if I am being honest LOL)

The first thing that occurred to me was a potential problem with the original poster(s) Hard Drives or that they are running very low on disk space or something like that.

But I am not very confident about that . . . it is another possibility however.