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Full Version: Sound issue
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Just recently I have had sound issues when I burn to a disc. The sound is perfect in Vuze but then when I burn it, the sound has been very very low in recent burns. 

It is bizarre. Any help?? 

Anyone else having a sound issue? Every download seems to be a bit quiet and when you burn to dvd you have to turn the sound way way up to hear. Vuze used to not have sound issues, is there a way to help with the sound??

I guess no one ever checks this thing or answers.

Still having issues with the sound. Like I said all of a sudden when burning the movie is super lowe in volume but it is not that way when I just watch it throguh vuze. I know it is not the dvd...ive tried like 5 different kinds and all the same issue. 

Anyone else having this issue??