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Full Version: Sidebar Subscription Sorting
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A few years back, subscriptions in the GUI sidebar were sorted alphabetically from A-Z.  A year or so ago, an update started sorting them Z-A.  I figured it was the Vuze Gurus trying to break our fixed realities and after a few days, got used to it (or replaced one fixed reality with another :)  ).  The last few updates are sorting them based on chaos theory :) rhyme or reason to their sorting.  For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to bring order to this chaos.  I have tried every option I can find to give them some order.  This is ONLY a problem in the sidebar, not the subscription page, where I can make my subscriptions dance with a few clicks.  Is this an issue with everyone or is it just my installation?  If there is a way to sort them, would someone give me the magic words (or clicks) to make it happen?

I have downgraded to Vuze 5.5 for the simple reason that I want to easily find my subscriptions again, but I am sure there are many surprise goodies in the lastest upgrades, as always, that I would enjoy.
I posted about this exact issue back on Sept. 1, so this isn't just your issue. Here is a link to that post

Funny enough I just received an update to Vuze Beta and the description of this update states it now allows subscription sidebar sorting, however I can't figure out how this works. Parg, any hints?
It is in B19, just making it public!
(09-22-2015, 05:37 PM)'parg' Wrote: [ -> ]It is in B19, just making it public!


Got it, had to do an additional restart to get B19. Sort worked after the restart/update. Thanks!!!
(09-22-2015, 05:37 PM)'parg' Wrote: [ -> ]It is in B19, just making it public!

Thanks Parg!  Working great!
thanks for your patience :)
What is the procedure to sort the subscriptions in the sidebar?