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Full Version: weird dvd burning problem
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I tried to screen grab what was happening but it was way way way too long. I was trying to burn something to DVD....and this has been happening the last 5 or so. Before that it was working fine, I have not done anything different at all. But the burn will nto happen and at the end it says 

burn exception: com.vuze.plugin.burn.BurnUtilsException: power on, reset, or bus device rest occured. The disc drive didnt respond properly or cant recover or retry. 

Then I tried it again and the it gave same error but the disc burned but with no sound. Then a third time it was same error and the disc did not burn at all. It just sits there and nothing burns to the disc and then that error comes up again. 

This just started happening. Like I said the error which seems to be DRStatus error is way way way long  so hard to post it all here. 

Please help