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Full Version: How to change Priority?
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When selecting a torrent to download from my rss feed if it has more than 1 item in the torrent a new window opens where I can select how many items I want to download and more importantly I can set the Priority, the bandwidth, from High. Normal and Low thus allowing me to keep browsing and not slow everything down.
Now when I click on a torrent that ONLY has 1 item I do not get the window allowing me to select what Priority I want it just adds the torrent to the downloading list.

Question 1...How can I change the Priority on a single item torrent so I can select Normal and continue browsing without slowing?

Question 2...ALSO when I select just one item in the new window I see the message... this is a example.... 1 of 2 Files: 1 GB of 2 GB will be downloaded, but when I check after the download has finished I see a new folder with ALL the items not just the item I selected. How can I make this work so I only down what I select????
Version with Win 7
Question 2 has been asked and answered many times.  Give the forums a search and you will find a thread.  I think the topic is also covered on the Vuze wiki.  (I would search for you but I have been really busy the last few weeks and I am trying to get caught up . . . if you can not find it post back in this thread and I will try to find it for you after I get caught up).

As far as question 1 I have no idea.  It might be a default action that you have selected in the options/settings/preferences but I am not sure.