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Full Version: Need Info on Vuze Plus Before subscribing
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Hello I don' know where to post this but i didn't find info on site web neither in this forum then i try here.
Please move my post where it needed to be, sorry for language mistakes too, i'm french and still learning shakespeare's universal language... ^^
So my question is:
At the begining of vuze, when we use to be azureus' client, vuze came and offer us the ability to see many stream, like teasers, movies clip, musical clip, game preview etc...
i remember to seek for spidey (first one) teaser.

Where this function? Still remain hidden in all vuze version? or became VUZE PLUS EXCLUSIVITY? Or whorse it simply gone.

Thanks for reply, you will save my time. And perhaps my way of life ^^
Best regards تصویر: regular_smile.gif