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Full Version: Huge disk usage (computer freezes) on adding new torrent
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Got an issue with Vuze. Everything works fine except adding new torrent. When I add new task no matter via torrent file or magnet it after few seconds freezes totally my computer, for few minutes - it differs on download size for e.g. approx 30gb it freezes for up to 10minutes.
It happens always on adding new task, disk usage (Vuze downloads temporarily and finally - quick move to other dir - to same partition, it is alone disk, not used by anything other than Vuze and for movies storage) rises to 100% and computer freezes. Looks like Vuze tries to reserve space for this download but didn`t find similar option in advanced.

Working on
Java 1.6.0_45
 Sun Microsystems Inc.
SWT v4233, win32
Windows 8 v6.2, amd64
V5.3.0.1_B45/4 az3





File allocation is controlled by the settings under Tools->Options->Files

First though set your 'Mode' to 'advanced' via the Mode settings.

You can try enabling the 'append data to files as downloaded and reorder pieces...' options.

Not sure why you are experiencing these issues but this might help.