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Full Version: Vuze Closes and Uninstalls Automatically (Mac OS X)
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Hey all,

Vuze Mac user (OS X Yosemite 10.10.5).

As of the other day, if I try and open Vuze, it bounces in the System Tray a few times, then disappears. After disappearing, Vuze is uninstalled instantly from my Mac without prompt or warning (it is no longer in the Applications folder).

I have attempted to re-download and re-install Vuze, however, after each install the problem persists.

I tried following the instructions in this thread (even though it is a year old), however, it doesn't help.

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!
Do you have any anti-virus software that could perhaps be quarantining Vuze? I've not heard of any other reports of this issue
No anti virus...

Is there any logs or something I can get on Mac to show you guys?

Theres nothing in the Library/Application Support/Vuze folder other than one folder called 'plugins'...
How about some kind of 'cleaner' program such as ?

Not sure it can be configured to auto-uninstall things but you never know.

Have you tried using the latest installer from  ?
Tried and nothing....

If I can't get it working I might do a full OS re-install -.-'

Absolutely bazar... Can't believe theres no dump/log file or something