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Full Version: Vuze Only Seeds Latest Download (Problem with Default Directory?)
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I recently moved my vuze download library to an external hard drive, because it was originally on my laptop but was always taking up too much space. But now, every time I download a new torrent, it asks to reset the default directory, and it is oddly slightly different each time.

My harddrive is named "Falcon," and I am operating OSX Mavericks.

Originally, the default directory is Volumes/Falcon/Vuze Downloads.

But when I downloaded a new file, it won't recognize that directory, and wants to call it Volumes/Falcon 2/Vuze Downloads.

Now I've downloaded a third file, and it won't recognize either of those, and wants to call it Volumes/Falcon 3/Vuze Downloads.

I've noticed that each time, it only seeds my latest download, and I think it has something to do with the Falcon 2/Falcon 3 problem. When I look at all my files, they appear to be in the "Vuze Downloads" folder in my Falcon drive. 

Does anyone know what's going on? This issue doesn't affect my downloading or keeping of files, just makes it impossible to seed old files.

Thanks in advance!