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Full Version: Vuze conflict with Firefox
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When I run Vuze I often can't connect with ANY websites (for example, in Firefox 40.0.3.  Started a couple months ago.

IIRC Vuze uses Java, I wonder if this somehow is the issue.  

In Firefox I've had to disable Java (because I can't upgrade Java, as [for reasons out of my control] I'm still on Windows XP [Pro sp3].

In my Comodo Free Firewall I've defined Java, Vuze, and Firefox as Trusted.  I'm also running PeerBlock 1.2 (but in "Allow HTTP" mode, so it isn't interfering with Firefox).

In Firefox these 2 Plugins are in "Ask to Activate" mode:
Java Platform SE 7 U51
Java Deployument Toolkit 7.0.510.13