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Full Version: Download Percentage Error
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Hi everybody,

I was downloading a 105 gb torrent, it was 51 % completed , now when I open Vuze it says that my download is only 14 %
my files are still on my HDD, no errors happened to my HDD or my OS, but unfortunately there was a power failure when Vuze was running.

- How can I check my torrents for errors in Vuze ?
- When I opened Vuze It showed that some of my downloaded files from the 105gb torrent as 0%, but on my HDD when I view them, I found that they are partially downloaded, so why is my program cant identify them correctly ?
- Is there a way to solve this ?
Please Help
Thanks in Advance
Right click on the torrent choose force recheck.  Depending upon the version you are using the force recheck option might be two arrows in a circle.

Unfortunately, it will probably not make a difference.  I have not had it happen in a long time but it is something which happens when you loose power while downloading a torrent.  Still try the force recheck and see what happens!

Your only recourse is to just download whatever parts you do not have.