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Full Version: Vuze Update Restarts Browsers
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I'm in the middle of my workday, I start Vuze to grab some files I need and it tells me there's an update.  I agree, and suddenly it's restarting my 3 browsers without telling me that it was going to do that.  Firefox has about 30 windows open for my job, and won't restart, so I have to crash it.  The update I was working on in Safari is gone.  Chrome can't re-open the window I was on.  I lose about a half hour of my day getting back to where I was, all so that I could get a couple of files.  

PLEASE don't restart browsers without asking first.  And really, don't restart browsers as part of an update, let me defer that until I need to.  Since I don't use any plugins for Vuze, this whole waste of time was completely unnecessary.