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Full Version: Deselecting files to download does not always work
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During the download dialog I deselect several files to download. 
I am finding that the video files I have deselected do not download ...great, but there are other files .nfo and .txt that always download even if I deselect them.
How do I stop them from downloading?
Yes, I have seen that page before and read it.  I am deselecting the files but they still come through.
One interesting thing is that once the torrent exists in VUZE, if I look at the files and right click, they are set to DELETE and not DO NOT DOWNLOAD.  The DO NOT DOWNLOAD is greyed out.  If I however change the priority to LOW, I can then change the priority back to  DO NOT DOWNLOAD and the file is not downloaded.
That is very cumbersome.
Is there a setting somewhere in Vuze that is forcing the torrent files to download?
That page should explain why the files have to be downloaded even though you deselect them. It is because the pieces that make up the torrent span file boundaries and you can only download an verify whole pieces. As a consequence you have to download parts of files on 'either side' of a file.