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Full Version: Is 4.1 working? 3.1 didn't.
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I am happy to se that you have released a new version of wuse leap. 4.1.

The old one, 3.1, never worked in win 7. Though a massive number of users complained.
Had to use the earlier version 3.0.

Hopefully that is now gone. And with win 10 and everything maby the flaws of the programmers, the testers and the projectleaders can be forgotten?

Am a bit worried though. If they managed to publish a faulty version and failed to fix the total error in it, what says they have done better now?
Obviously the developers had not learned anything from their mistakes, wouldnt they otherwise have fixed the total error in 3.1?

The older version 3.0 still works in win 10. Why upgrade?