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Full Version: DL Speed for multiple files
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I have my max dl speed set at 500kB/s. When, for example, I have 5 files started for dl, Vuze sets 1 file to dl at 500kB/s. Once it has finished it moves to the next file. How did I get it to dl all 5 at once with an even distribution in dl speed? I have gone in and changed max simultaneous dl's to unlimited.
I have not needed to do this in about 7 or 8 years so this might not work but here is what worked in the past

Highlight all 5 torrents and right click on them

On the menu that comes up choose:

control->download speed limit

Set that to 500 kByte/sec (or whatever) and Vuze will automatically spread the download speed you selected across the torrents you highlighted.

Again I have not tried this in years . . . but it use to work that way.

Please report back and let us know if that worked or not!

Good Luck!
Sorry for the delayed response. I wanted to test your solution for a few days. Good news, it appears your suggestion has worked.
Great!  Thanks for letting everyone know it works!

Glad I could help!