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Full Version: Not downloading?
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Ive been using Vuze for a while now and it hasn't been downloading files for the past several hours. I have a green face for the torrent health but it still wont download. I have a download that is at 99.7% and it won't download anymore! Any help???
There are probably no seeds for the download - i.e. other people with the complete download.

You can check this by looking at the 'seeds' column - if it says 0 then there are none.

Also click on the 'Peers' sub-tab to see other peers you are connected to. It is probably the case that they are all similarly stuck.

However, it MAY be the case that the file is stuck at 99.7% completion because only one or two small files aren't available (perhaps they were deselected for download by someone at some point and the original seed went away). If this is the case then it is possible that the main file has completed downloading - click on the 'Files' subtab to see if that is the case.