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Full Version: null/404 message
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when ever i click on the "details" button on ANY torrent entry, instead of going to the correct page, i get directed to "". this has been happening for quite some time now.  i can still download, but i can't go to the details page. please help!
Works fine for me for Vuze results - perhaps you have a broken search template for whatever site it is you are searching
I don't think this is the answer. I also have this problem and it occurs on every download "details" link. It asks to download a file that it claims is a flash update but it is not really from Adobe - it's a link that ads advertising to your browser.

Here is the URL of the page that you end up with - - and no matter what download details link you use, it goes to the correct page for a few seconds and then transfers to this URL.
Looking at this further, when I click on a file to get details the first URL given is this - - this example is from a movie download.

But then immediately the browser URL changes to this - - and asked me to download the updated flash player - I know I have the latest flash player, I checked the adobe site and this is not the adobe flash player.

I deleted all of the browser plugins and reloaded the latest flash update from adobe but the problem seems to be hardwired into the website.

I'll repeat again that this happens on the details link for every download no matter what.
That is a redirector built into KAT it has nothing to do with your browser or torrent client or whatever.  It just happened to me when I clicked the link in Firefox on my Mac.  Vuze was not involved in any way . . . still the same problem.  Just hit the back button and you will get the page you want -- that is what I just did and it did not redirect and I was able to grab the .torrent file no problem.