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Full Version: Downloading Problems
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When I download a torrent, the small box comes up for a few seconds and stays at 0% downloaded before jumping to 100%. Then the box disappears nothing happens. Normally before, another box would come up asking which files in the torrent I want to download, but now nothing. Really annoying, starting to use utorrent even though I've been using Vuze for years without problem.
I know there is a setting which bypass the dialogue which asks you which files you want to download.  But I can not find the setting right now LOL

Found it it is under File->Preferences (I think it is File->Settings on non-Mac OS but I am not sure).

then Files

you will see the text
"When opening a torrent, show options dialog:" followed by a pull down menu with the options
Never again
every time
only when there is more than one file

I am guessing you accidentally click on a check box in that dialoge box once which says something like "do not show this dialogue again".

I am not seeing that option on my Mac but it might exist on other platforms -- I am not sure.

Either way that should get it back for you.

You might need to go into advanced mode to see that option/setting/preference but the proficiency selection is the first thing you see so if you can not find that setting change into intermediate or advanced mode as necessary.

Good Luck!