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Full Version: Windows 7 Vuze 64 bit
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SWT is something used by Vuze, which is still 32-bits, but it is something I have not enough technical knowledge to tell you what to do or what interferes, I imagine it is a tool that helps give graphic form to Vuze, for such a library.
pleased to help.    I often forget to check-in as frequently as I would like and I think we all need to come to the forums more frequently just in case we have that little bit of knowledge that might help ourselves and others out.  As with many of you, I have often been baffled by issues due to the complexity of the cyber-world, not to mention the unscrupulous claims and promises made by some app makers, while also battling the minefield of nuisance scripts, malware and privacy issues.  Sometimes I start to investigate someone's issue and end-up learning more and solving a problem of my own in the process.

cheers to all !
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