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Full Version: Mac El Captain OS X (10.11) Public beta not allowing Vuze to function
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Mac El Captain OS X (10.11) Public beta (not full version of OS yet) not allowing Vuze to function correctly. It freezes and doesn't allow you to close the application clean or stop/start torrents.
Granted this is a beta but thought I'd make people aware of the problem ahead of time.

Not that it helps you but I have had the same issue since Beta 3 of 10.11.

Having said that the application will still pick up my torrents and download them as I have enabled the automatic lookup option so I am still downloading but I can't manage the UI if I want to delete files from library it just spins as if its not responding.

I have tried both the stable version of Vuze and the latest dev beta 

Hoping it resolve itself with the next Beta update for OS X
I'm having problems as well since updating to El Capitan! The Vuze player is now pixelated. Doesn't matter what kind of file it is it will play it pixelated. Also when I double click on the player window to make it bigger it will make the window smaller!