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Full Version: Device Playback - File Conversion
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I apologize if this has already been posted but I was unable to find a similar post.

I upgraded to the latest version of Vuze today (June 16th 2015) and have found that the option to start / stop file conversions for Vuze Plus DVD burning is no longer available. Previously when I created a new DVD I was able to go into the 'In Progress' menu under the 'Device Playback' menu and start the conversion before burning the files to DVD.

I had this same issue with a new version of Vuze a few years ago but I can't find the thread/post for it. I recalled being told that switching to the Beta version of Vuze would help/fix this or another issue that I had previously but this hasn't helped this time.

Is there a way to activate the conversion start / stop button?

Sorry, but I'm not sure of my current version of Vuze as I'm now in the Beta version ( but I upgraded today - June 16th 2015.

Many thanks,