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Full Version: I want VUZE
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Several years ago I had Vuze installed. It worked very well and I enjoyed using it.

On and off for the last year I have been trying to install Vuze again, but never succeed. The installer does not download. I just get sent to the 'Thank you for downloading Vuze' window and nothing arrives in the download folder.

I tried Vuze Leap today. Got it installed and managed to load up a torrent, but it just sat there and didn't start to download. I tried clicking a few things, but there isn't much to click. After a few hours and nothing started to happen, I uninstalled it.

I tried to pay for Vuze Plus using Paypall, but I don't have a credit card, so that idea died.

I want Vuze and willing to pay, but you guys make it so difficult! Any help would be appreciated.