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Full Version: Install search templates when search is crashing
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OK, so search is crashing and I don't feel like finding the right swt.jar to fix it.  The webui is working, so I can use that.  I do however need to add search templates and the webui does not support adding templates.  All the instructions are for a working GUI search from the main program.  Kind of a Catch-22 there unless there's a file I can poke the templates into manually.  Is there such a file/directory?


 Java 1.7.0_80
 Oracle Corporation
SWT v4508, gtk/2.24.23
Linux v3.13.0-55-generic, amd64
V5.6.1.3_B07/4 az3
A bit more info... WebUI plugin installed

When brought up from a browser:
1) the baked in search templates show up
2) there is no Add/Edit button after the templates

When internal search is turned off and redirected to a browser:
1) the baked in search templates are not there
2) the Add/Edit button is there, but not responsive
3) search never completes, spinner keeps going
If you have a .vuze file for a search template you want to add then go to the File menu in Vuze and select Open->Vuze File...
Thanks, that worked.