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Full Version: (solved) bug:plugin:rss feed scanner - magnet links dont work
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magnet links do not work with rss feed scanner although looking at the changelog they are supposed to.


when a match occures it tries to download from the magnet link but if a tracker host is down it will end with: Error - Unknown Host ''
if i remove all invalid trackers from the rss and it is matched it gives: Error - Failed: Connection timed out: connect
but if i manually right click and choose "open link url" it works in both cases.





Check out version 1.4.11 - you need to be a beta users to get this - hopefully fixed
i downloaded the beta 1.4.11 from the website and i can confirm it works in both cases.
a side question: will it update with the 1.4.11 release if i have the 1.4.11 beta? or do both stay the same and so no update is necessary until next version?
No update necessary!