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Full Version: SOCKS Problem
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I have been using Vuze effectively since its inception via Azureus well over seven years and the few problems I've had were simple enough for me to fix until now. Vuze has not worked on my desktop for about six months. As a result, I have been using it on my MS Surface Pro 2 flawlessly. That has to be temporary because I use my Surface for work.

A little info on my desktop: Windows 8.1, 24GB RAM, Core i7, Gigabyte MB, ASUS Wireless Router and Motorola Surfboard Modem

When I open a torrent to download I get this message the following error message:
Connection Error (SocketException: SOCKS: authentication failed)

 When I test my SOCKS here's what I get

Proxy connect failed, SOCKS 5: authentication fails [status=1]

Is the romance over?????????
Are you running a VPN or proxy?

What version of Java are you running?

Just to be clear that is not going to help me answer your question . . . but it might help someone who has the knowledge to answer your question!  LOL

Good luck!