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Full Version: Changing directories not working?
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I just made the switch from uTorrent to Vuze and for some reason, my directoy changes aren't "sticking".

Default direcoty:

Completion moving:


However, all of my torrents are defaulting to C:/users/myusername/Documents/Vuze Downloads as if I haven't changed a thing.
Why are you entering URLs for save locations???
Those are image links parg.  I was wondering the same thing and I clicked on them to see what they were LOL
haha, my mum told me never to click on links.

Make sure that you're seeing the 'torrent options' dialog when you add a torrent 

Tools->Options->Files: when opening a torrent, show options dialog - <every time>

You'll then at least get a chance to see what directory Vuze is planning on saving the download in
Did you click the "save" button at the Left bottom corner of the options page?