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Full Version: New user - first impresions
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Hello all,

After using uTorrent whole my life I decided to try a new torrent downloader. The reason for that is uTorrent started to have to many ads which annoyse me very. After some googling I wanted to give Vuze a try. There are 2 things that I don`t like about this program, first one: after adding a bunch of torrents at once to the program, windows with information lined up obliquely the screen, I had to drag 10 or more windows in order to reach the confirmation button. And the other problem: I left one torrent to download and others to recheck, after a while it stoped rechecking and downloading, all the torrents were left in queue. After few "force" rechecks everything worked out and the rest of the torrets were rechecking automaticaly. Overall I like the program, it will take some time to get used to it over uTorrent, but I`m staying with Vuze.
Is this the 'torrent options' dialog? You can get these all merged onto one panel via Tools->Options->Files - uncheck the box that says use a separate dialog per torrent.

Not sure why new torrents were in a 'recheck needed' state - that only happens when you add a torrent and there are existing data files (or under other disk error conditions)