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Full Version: Device disappeared since latest upgrade
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Since I updated my Vuze Plus to version my Sony Bravia TV has disappeared from my devices and doing a Device Search refuses to find it again? Really annoying and for me makes Vuze practically useless. Any advice would be appreciated before I delete the application and find an alternative
I just noticed mine was gone as well (also a Sony Bravia).

I got it back by right clicking on Device Playback and selecting show hidden.

I never watch torrented stuff on my TV so I do not have anything else to add but at least that gets the device back.
I'm afraid that this didn't work for me. My TV is definitely connected to my home network as I can use Iplayer etc but it cannot see my TV when I do a device search. This has only manifested since the last Vuze update.

Incredibly annoying and Vuze have not responded to my post on their Twitter forum.

Very disappointing as Vuze was my first port of call for torrents ... alternative bit torrent application recommendations most welcome please?