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Full Version: Why isn't Vuze routing through my vpn?
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Why isn't Vuze routing through my vpn?
I've searched high and low on how to fix this but I cant find the answer anywhere. My internet connection is solid, openvpn is connected, and Vuze is set up properly to route through it. But for some reason the routing icon will alternate between being red and saying Bindings: <none> and my assigned IP is unbindable no connections to being green saying no connections and still not downloading! 

I just renewed my vpn and wasn't having any of these problems last month. I even uninstalled and reinstalled Vuze. I'm so frustrated i've done everything. Please help


Exactly the same problem.

we are running Windows Vista, we start our VPN, open Vuze and it has the red ICON and says "unbindable".

In Advanced Network Settings we have bound to ETH4 (which is TAP-Windows Adapter V9 and shows our VPN IP address)

We have also checked the 3 boxes - ie: CHECK , ENFORCE and SHOW , but it always shows a RED

Can anyone help ?

We have 2 other machines in our household which connect perfectly to VIZE and our VPN - 1 is Windows XP and the other is Windows 7.

Thank You in Advance
Same issue with Mac OS X.