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Full Version: Can Vuze bypass my VPN?
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I'm in China, so I need to run VPN pretty much all the time, to get to the millions of websites that are blocked here. It's anything from giants like Google, which is understandable, because you can use it to find facts (OMG), to tons of tiny websites, like some housemom's one-page website with recipes -- sites that have nothing in the universe to do with politics.
Websites are selected for blocking by (of course idiotic and nonsensical, like everything else here) computers, so anything on earth can get blocked for no reason whatsoever. Even cheap Chinese labor is outsourced in China!
Needless to say that the VPN connection is slow (usually around 1mbs), far slower than my internet speed (20+).
Is there any way I coult set up Vuze to connect to internet directly, while I do everything else through the VPN?
I use PureVPN in OSX 10.10. I have the various server addresses set up directly in Network Preferences and connect to different ones, depending on which is faster or available at the moment.
Thank you much,