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Full Version: Vuze update issues
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I just updated to and had three problems, one large, two relatively small. I use OS X Mavericks latest version. I use Firefox 38.0.5 with a bunch of plugins.

1. While the Vuze installer was running I got a question whether it was okay to make changes to Safari. As I rarely use it, I clicked OK. Firefox immediately closed. When I reopened it, my preferences for Firefox and plugins had been trashed. I had to spend about an hour resetting things to my taste. None of the plugins were deleted, but the preferences and the one persona I use were toast. This is not good, and I believe the same thing happened on the previous update, though I don't remember the Safari message.

2. When a torrent has finished and is seeding, and when I hit the Close button on the menu bar or close from right-clicking the torrent, the torrent close dialog appears. I choose the Remove from the Library option, and the torrent closes but the details tab does not close with it. The tab has to be closed manually.

3. When a new details tab opens, the % downloaded showing on the tab does not update until the tab is selected. It just sits at 0.0%. If you click on the tab to get the Details window, % progress then shows both on the window and the tab until the tab is closed.

I use Vuze in the old tabbed classic mode because I've stuck with it since the old Azureus days, well over a decade. I occasionally try other bittorrent clients, but always quickly come back. Nothing else is nearly as efficient, fast, or customizable.