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Full Version: Setting which tabs open on startup
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How does Vuze determined which tabs open on startup?  It's something that's long puzzled me, and I haven't found anything specific yet in Options or the wiki. For instance, for the past several months My Tracker tab has opened, along with My Torrents and Statistics.  The latter two are ok, but how do I control the first?  Using 5.4.0, Win 8.1. Thanks,
In general Vuze remembers what was open on close and re-opens them  (not 100% coverage here, just 'in general'...)

In older versions of Vuze there used to be explicit options in the config to always open MyTorrents on start (AFAIK) but these no longer exist.

I can't find anything that would automatically open My Torrents - is the view empty? 

My Shares, on the other hand, will always open on startup if you have any shares defined.
That's what I thought about what was open at close opens the next time, and it generally used to be that way with other tabs.  It's just for several months I've closed My Tracker first thing on opening and it's there again the next time.  There's no problem with My Torrents and Statistics opening at startup, as I want those.  It would be nice to have direct control again.

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