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Full Version: Unable to download. Cannot connect to peers.
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I have read old threads up some up to 2014 to try and understand my problem. I am not tech-savvy, and don't understand a lot of the lingo. 

Two days ago, I 1. Installed Hotspot VPN, 2. Updated my Vuze, 3. Replaced the power cord to my modem/router. 

Since then, I have uninstalled Hotspot VPN completely, and that's pretty much it. And since then, I have a lot of issues downloading. Sometimes it "works". Most of the time it doesn't. 

The following is a screenshot of what I see: (the other warning is just improper closing of Vuze)

And the following screenshot is my advanced network settings:

How do I fix this? :( 

Thank you very much for any responses!