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Full Version: Vuze banned on Private Tracker
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Hello. I use a private tracker (IPTorrents) but I noticed that Vuze is not an approved client because of evidences of reporting "bad data" (as they say).
Although I still can use Vuze on this tracker, I would like to know if there is something that can be done regarding this, as I believe Vuze is one of the most reliable clients. Also because they might cancel my account for using a banned client and I don't want to use another one.
As stated here, "If you are having issues with a site banning Vuze please feel free to put us in touch with an admin so we can see if the situation can be resolved."

So, is there any procedure in these type of cases? Or is it entirely up to the tracker admins?


It is usually entirely up to the tracker staff.  There are a few trackers that have banned Vuze for what I would call personal reasons.  Meaning that for some reason . . . they just do not like Vuze so they make up an excuse to ban it.

Also tracker staff will often want to hide the real reason they are banning the client for "security" reasons.  Let us say for example that the torrent client fubar can spoof their system into not counting your download amount.  Well the staff would obviously want to ban that client.  On the same hand they do not want to let users knows that they have this problem with their tracker so they ban the client but give another reason.  I have staffed several private trackers over the years and in that role I have also been a member of a lot of torrent site tracker staff only forums/irc channels/websites/etc.  So please believe me that these things do happen.  LOL

As far as what to do.  I would pm a high ranking staffer (meaning admin or higher) at IPT and ask them specifically what the problem is.  I have seen many cases where the problem was with some ancient version of a torrent client and the problem they are complaining about was resolved years before.

I would start by saying words to the effect of "I have been using Vuze for years and I use it on many sites.  It would be a major inconvenience to not use it anymore.  Can you tell me exactly what the problem is?"  And then depending upon the response go from there.  Remember do this in a PM . . . do not make a post like that in the forums . . . you will have much more success if you try to handle this in private.

I would also point out that since IPT has not officially blacklisted Vuze (or at least the version you are using) it might not be a big deal that you are still using it.

I see...that was useful.
Thanks for the info.

No problem!  Good luck!