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Full Version: Vuze is in "seeding" when I download more than 2 files :(.
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Hello. Yesterday I switched to Vuze because it is better than uTorrent or BitTorrent. But I have a problem I can not have more than 2 simultaneous downloads at once, and I want to have time to 4 simultaneous downloads.

What happens is that 2 of the 4 downloads are in "seeding"

Screenshots (I capped names downloads in this post):
My torrents-Library:
Files->Performance options:
IP Filters:
Queue seeding:

Sorry for my english. I hope answers greetings and thank you in advance!

With your settings you should be able to have > 2 downloading - what state do additional downloads go into? 

The 'seeding' state is natural - the downloads are complete but you have yet to upload much data back to the swarm so they will stay seeding. They are 'inactive' because they are currently not uploading due to lack of peers requesting data.