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Full Version: File download bar reset from 95% to 58% but GB downloaded still same!
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Hello, I have been downloading a rather large file (60GB), and when it has reached around 58GB downloaded, Vuze crashed. I restarted my PC and then re-opened Vuze, to find that the bar is back to 58%! The very wierd thing is that the amount downloaded is still the SAME (56GB). What should I do? Should I stop it when it reaches the 60GB? Or let it complete? Please hurry, as the download is around 59.5 GB.
right-click on it and select 'force recheck' - the 'refresh' icon
If what parg suggested does not work post back.

To offer an explanation you have downloaded what you have downloaded -- that amount does not change.  It is possible that after the hash check you will not be at 96.66667% [(58GB/60GB) * 100 ] you might only be at say 90% or something because some of the pieces did not pass the hash check and you will have to re-download them.

In other words just because you download 58 GB it does not mean that all 58 GB are still uncorrupted.  It is pretty rare that will happen on a torrent your are actively downloading to the extent of roughly 40% of the data but it is possible.  Hopefully everything will pass the hash check and you will be back where you were before the crash.