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Full Version: Trackers start queued how can I change this?
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When I start a torrent download Vuze only connects to one tracker in some cases this can be a tracker which has few if any seeds but it stays with just that tracker for the full download despite having other trackers queued with many many more seeds available.

Is there any way to get Vuze to connect to all available trackers straight away rather than me having to go into sources and update the trackers manually?

Sorry if this is a silly question I'm fairlly new to Vuze and still feeling my way around and the Wiki might help a developer but us non computer folk just get lost in all the details.
Vuze tried to avoid hitting trackers unnecessarily (the tracker admins like this!) so if it thinks it has 'enough' peer connections already then it will sit there happy. Do you by any chance have a low 'maximum peer connections per torrent' setting (Tools->Options->Transfer: Auto block)? 

Assuming other peers in the swarm are hitting alternative trackers (and the torrent isn't private) then peer-exchange will normally give you connections to the peers on the other trackers anyway.
No it is set to unlimited,  I checked a torrent that was taking a long time and the only tracker connected had 140 peers some of the others had 4500 plus seeds is there a way to get it to connect to the tracker with the most seeds by default?
Hmm, try setting it to a large number rather than 0 - see if that helps. There might be a bug with the 'unlimited' handling code...