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Full Version: Network(I2P,Tor,Public) Info [ HELP ]
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So when i right click and go under Networks , there is I2p and tor... how do i use them? does it work when i just check them like below?

and if i turned off public ip am i gonna become annoymous? and people wont be able to see my real IP?

[Image: KCfYNzU.png]

If you disable the 'Public' network (and stop+start the download) then Vuze will attempt to download the torrent using the I2P network (currently the Tor network can be used for trackers but not peer connections). 

Whether or not there are peers for the torrent on the I2P network is an unknown though, so you may not be able to make progress.

If you connect to peers using I2P then your connection to them is anonymous  (see )