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Full Version: No more connection
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Since a few days, it seems to be impossible to connect to vuze in France. I had controled all my systèm but there is no up load available...
Impossible to connect even with the local vuze channels...
Ohter solutions works with U torrents for example.
What can we do now?      



What is the result if you go to Tools->Help->Network Status and run the tests? 

Can you also try downloading this torrent

If it doesn't work are you getting any specific errors from the trackers?
"com error" again....No more torrent.
And of course my firewall is ok for vuze...
sure it' s not so complicated but i need to see the right direction... 

Ok i have found my error; since i 've been controled i have choosen the tor or IP2 solution exept... it doesn't work for a reason i ignore. 
What can i do now?   install A VPN ?