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Full Version: Vuze, Compliments and Complaints
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Hello All

As you can probably tell, this is a temporary account, a "burner", just to give feedback on vuze.


- Vuze has an "adapter lock" that allows it to only transmit over a VPN connection. No other torrent client i am aware of does this. It is definitely worth applause. Good job!
- Vuze it stable and it does work.


- Vuze comes with adware. I had to run a malware scan to be sure Vuze wasn't putting anything maliscious without warning onto my PC. It didn't. But it still tries to install adware!! When i boot vuze up, it tries to add "speed increaser" whatever crapware to my PC. This is extremely offensive. And it makes vuze look very illegitimate.
- (Minor problem) Catergories are wierd. Why is there "new", "downloading" and "library" under "My Torrents"? There should only be 1 category for torrents. Maybe 2 if you want a seperate list for completed files to appear in.

That is all! :)
For me, never install adware when i mark "Customize" and unmark adware options.