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Full Version: Delete Multiple Items
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I was seeding that many torrents that my upload speed was becoming a basket case... it was never a winner anyway.

I've since moved several hundred files to a new drive and naturally enough thay have all gone Error: Data... in Vuze
Is there any way I can select them all for deleting without doing it one at a time?

Details will vary depending on your OS and Vuze versions, but try this:

You can select Library in the Vuze sidebar. In your menu bar look for something like Select All.

On a Mac it's under Edit. You can also hit Cmd-A. On a PC it might be Control-A. This should highlight everything in the Library window. From there you can use the Delete icon or select Delete from a Right-Click > Contextual Menus. That should work on either a Mac or a PC.

If you want to delete a bunch but not all files, you can click and highlight the top of the bunch, then put your cursor on the bottom file of that bunch. While holding the Shift key, click the last file. Every file from your first click to the last, and no others, should be highlighted. Now just Delete from within Vuze as above.

It always helps to post your OS and Vuze versions.
Thanks NG, I'll give it a try.