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Full Version: Change media server stream player to VLC
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Hello, i'm new to vuze.
My default player on windows is VLC.
I went to tool-options-interface-tables and set VLC as default for mp4 and avi.

However vuze doesn't use VLC, at all.

If i double click a video file on "inactive" it opens it with a vuze video player.
If i right click a file-content-media server-play locally it opens the file with windows media player.

How can i make it use VLC player?
Did you change the 'double click' action (config option about the 'Launch Helpers') to 'Launch' ?
Hi, if i set it to Launch, double clicking opens the containing folder of the video and streaming still uses the windows media player.
Works for me with mp4 associated with vlc.exe and the option set to Launch
And media server play locally too?
No, that's a different function (you might argue that it should obey the same logic as 'Launch' but it doesn't at the moment)