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Full Version: Vuze Remote
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Vuze is running on my desktop. I accessed Remote Pairing under Tools and got an access code.
On my Android Nexus 7 I installed the Vuze app and added a "New Vuze Remote" client. I then went into settings for the app and supplied a Nickname and the Remote Access Code. Can't get anything to work beyond this, though.
Vuze is running on my desktop and my tablet is using the desktop controlled LAN to access everything else. However, when I try to invoke the client on the tablet, I get "Error Connecting" "Unable to connect to your remote client. It does not appear to be running."
Any suggestions?
Try going to on your Nexus' browser and see if the WebUI can connect.  Both the WebUI and the app use the same connection method (all-be-it, different implemenations), but maybe the Web UI will give a better eror, or even better(/worse?) work!
OK. Tried that. Got the message: "Please make sure Vuze is running and accessible."
Just had a thought - would using a proxy complicate things?