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Full Version: Won't open torrent file please help!
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Whenever I try and open a torrentfile using vuze it says: Could not open XXXXX . It doesn't appear to be a .torrent file. Some of the data recieved: Unable to properly display the data 

What can I do about it? I'm on my macbook downloading, and recently the company I used have "blocked" torrent websites etc, but therefore I use a free proxy server to simply bypass it, but whenever I download a torrent from kickass and try and download it that message pops up, no matter what torrent it is. Please help me!
Save the torrent file to disk and then inspect the file. If it is a valid .torrent file then it will be a 'bencoded' file that starts with the letter 'd' and contains strings such as

piece length

amongst other binary data
Well I have tried it but it doesnt seem to help. But I don't get it, before I could download easily, how come it pops up now? and it is with every single torrent. Is it really because of the blocking from my provider or?