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Full Version: Playback control on external renderers
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Hi all,

I search the forum but not find any answer, thus sorry if I post an already answered question.

My problem is: thanks to Vuze I can playback almost any video file to my TV through EZCAST HDMI device (something like Chromecast).
It works perfectly but I would like to know, if it exists, a way to control it.
At least pause/fast forwarding/volume control.
So far Vuze let me just start and stop playing from the very beginning.

By the way, I cannot use the EZCAST software since I have an outdated Mac (10.7.5) and Vuze is the only one that works fine.

Thank you in advance for any helps! [img=53x20]regular_smile.gif
We haven't put in stop/start/pause/forward/rewind controls yet, but it is on the list of features to add.

We also have an EZCast device to test with.  Other than the buffering issues it has, it seems to work pretty well with most common content types :)
Thank you Arron,

I'll wait for the new features than.
And yes, it works pretty good! ;)