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Full Version: DL Without .torrent Extension?
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First post:  thanks to all who make up this great community!
I am trying to download a torrent that does not contain the .torrent or .tor extension.
Usually, manually adding ".torrent" fixes the problem.
However, for some torrents it does not.  Before a recent update, there was
an option of "allowing torrents without a .torrent or .tor" extension"
but I can't find it now.
Is it still possible to download torrents without the .torrent extension?  If so, how?



I'm not aware of any option being removed - when I go through the 

File->Open->Torrent File... 

menu and then hit the 'Files' button I get an explorer (on Windows) that allows me to select from 


as the file types. 

When you say 'for some torrents it does not' are you getting an error message?
Thanks for the reply.
The torrent file with either no extension or the manually added .torrent extension are greyed out when I use "Torrent File".
So nothing happens in the Vuze window when I select those.
When I use "add from clipboard", the file gets added to my Library, but the Tracker Status indicates "Error (Sorry your level (guest) is not allowed ..."
(I am a member of the site and dowloading other torrents there.)
When I encountered this problem in the past, I found a workaround on Vuze, but cannot since the latest update.

Hmm, any chance of you posting a screenshot of the 'greyed out' state?